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4th Tuesday Films presents:

A Thunder-Being Nation


This documentary about the Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (filmed over 11 years) spans from the story of origin, covers historic events, and shares the challenges the Lakota people face today as told through a wide range of interviews.

Tuesday, May 26, 7:00pm
909 12 Street, Sacramento

For more information:

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COMING UP on Media Edge:
Episode 524

(initially on cable access TV:
  May 23-29, 2015)

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Segment 1: "Restoration"
(9.5 minutes)
RESTORATION is the fourth film in Green World Rising, a series of films aimed at moving the climate debate forward. The film focuses on how nature can protect the Earth from the harmful effects of climate change and how industrial design and science researchers can learn valuable lessons from natural systems.
“When we plug into the wisdom of nature and work alongside Earth’s ecosystems, we discover new and exciting innovations. Many are already underway. It is this partnership with nature that will solve our most pressing climate concerns and create the building blocks of a civilization that works alongside nature, not against it,” said Leonardo DiCaprio, Narrator of RESTORATION

Segment 2: "Bernie Sanders"
(63.5 minutes)
Vermont Senator and recently-announced Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke in Richmond, CA in November 2014. With a focus on Chevron's intrusion into local politics, Sanders takes on Citizens United and the Koch Brothers.

Segment 3: "Where to Train the World's Doctors? -- Cuba"
(17 minutes)
Big problems need big solutions, sparked by big ideas, imagination and audacity. In this TED Talk, journalist Gail Reed profiles one big solution worth noting: Havana’s Latin American Medical School, which trains global
physicians to serve the local communities that need them most.

Segment 4: "Jazree's Court"
(8 minutes)
Jazree was like any other young kid: hanging out with friends and experiencing important milestones. She finished Elementary school and started the emotional roller coaster called puberty. She even started having crushes -- crushes on girls. All of these experiences impacted Jazree's future, but one experience overshadowed all others - Jazree's dad was sentenced to seven years in prison for possession of an unloaded firearm.

Segment 5: "World Peace is a Local Issue"
(16 minutes)
What happens when local citizens take on an international issue? OSCAR-nominated, EMMY-winning filmmaker, Dorothy Fadiman, documented the hard work and eventual triumph, of Palo Alto, California residents who move their City Council to change an entrenched position on a critical issue and pass a Nuclear Freeze Resolution. We see Senator Edward Markey introduce the freeze resolution in 1982, and again today, appealing to Congress to reduce nuclear arms. By showing what a determined group of people can accomplish, WORLD PEACE highlights the fact that international concerns are also local issues.

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